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Image of Encouragement Greeting Card + Seed Bomb

Encouragement Greeting Card + Seed Bomb


Our newest encouragement greeting card. As always, with mental health in mind.

Handmade by my very own little wildflowers (my kiddos), these sweet little star shaped seed bombs are adorned with pollinator + beneficial insect seed mix.

While driving on the QEW from Toronto the other day, I noticed a message on the roof of a house that faces an overpass above the QEW. It read, "There is so much more to see". This message could have saved a life. I thought I could pay tribute to whoever wrote the message and spread the word.

This card is perfect to add on to a gift for someone who might need the reminder to hold on. There really is so much more to see. May this message reach far and wide to those who need it.

Why the seed bomb? Seeds transform. Seeds Grow. Seeds contain life force and so much beauty and potential. Seeds grow into food for other living things-especially pollinators. Like the seed, we too hold so much potential. We are filled with the beauty and life force just the same. I want to see us all grow!

This message doesn't have to hold meaning though. You could think of it as there is really is so much more to see.... especially when you plant the seed bomb in the Spring! You get to see the seeds transform into something beautiful after patiently waiting.

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