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Image of Heart Berry/Strawberry + Sage Bath Bomb

Heart Berry/Strawberry + Sage Bath Bomb


Created with organic white sage from our medicine garden. We slow infuse the sage medicine into organic grapeseed oil.

White sage is a cleansing and new beginnings medicine.

Strawberry or "heart berry" (konnonronhkwa) in Mohawk represents "I love you" or "I show you I care" - loving someone or yourself for that matter is an active experience...from birth to death. To love one or to love yourself involves commitment, compassion and caring.
*Acknowledgments to Jan Longboat - Mohawk elder for this teaching.

Strawberry is also rich in polyphenols and vitamin C and offers our skin protection and offers us smoothing and toning for our skin.

Opalite is added to each bomb to aid in decreasing internal struggles such as anxiety and depression or overal mood disturbance. Opalite brings in calm to the stream of mind, thus being perfect as a meditation companion or bedside addition.

Each stone is cleansed with smoke medicine before it is included in each piece. If you wish to cleanse at home, use our smoke free smudge spray or sage bundle. Filtered rain water is used in this product

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