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The action of moving one's thumb back and forth across the stone is thought to reduce stress.

Labradorite -works on grounding you and clearing away stress and anxiety. Strength and tenacity can be gained from Labradorite during times of transition.

"I am safe and manifest magic in my life"

Lapis Lazuli- The “stone of total awareness” helping to release one from emotional
bondage. Stimulates emotional, mental and physical clarity. Promotes serenity and self-acceptance.

Rose Quartz / CHAKRA: Heart
-The love stone/heart healer
- Inspires self-love
- Eases the grieving process
- Dissolves emotional wounds, fears, and resentments

Green Aventurine-Helps to soothe anxiety and stress. Helps to renew ones optimism for life. Said to bring luck and prosperity. A truly comforting and uplifting stone to collect.

Tigers Eye- helps to focus the mind + promote mental clarity. Assists us in resolving problems objectively and helps us from being stuck within the cloud of emotions.

Amethyst -A protective stone that guards against ill wishes of others. Helps reduce tension and helps relieve physical and psychological distress. With a sobering effect on overindulgence-this stone is useful and supportive to those struggling with addictions. Assists in dreamwork + helpful in reducing insomnia.

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