About Us

Growing up, I had the pleasure of learning about my Indigenous culture (Six Nations of the Grand River- First Nations) from my grandmother and other members of our community. Using elements of nature and interconnection- I have found great knowledge and peace amongst our plant kin. As an adult I still use this knowledge in my own life and wished to share it with others. Certain elements such as cedar, sage and sweetgrass are woven into our products to share the medicines that they bring. Combining creativity with my inherent love of nature and all things that make one feel hopeful and joyful, these bath products, botanical smudge bundles and other creative goods were born.


Today, our studio in Alliston, Ontario welcomes customers to indulge in a variety of products that are created with the desire that you may find them to bring you hope and joy in your daily life. We grow and harvest many of our own organic herbs and medicines. We participate in local organic farms and community gardens to try and provide others with access to fresh medicinal herbs and the knowledge and means to grow them.


Our hope for all of our customers is to remember that you are never alone. We are all connected to each other and to the natural world. May these products remind you to take a moment to relax and take some time to enjoy the moment. 







Founder & Maker