Heart Berry + Wild Mint Gift Box

Heart Berry + Wild Mint Gift Box

Enclosed in our eco conscious packaging , you will find a sample sized jar of our Heart Berry + Wild Mint Bath Soak and 2 of our individually wrapped Heart Berry + Wild Mint Bath Bombs.

Heart Berry or strawberry is representative of community and the heart and joy that comes with belonging and sharing in a community. She is the first berry to emerge after long winters and is harvested with great anticipatory joy and celebration.

We created this line to bring a refreshing experience to those who require a reminder that they DO belong and they ARE loved.

Community can come from loved ones, friends, animals, and plant kin. You are loved and part of it all. Don't ever forget it.

Bath Soak Ingredients:

Nourishing blend of Epsom salt + Himalayan pink salt in a blend of wild mint, hydrolyzed strawberries, coconut milk powder, apricot oil and peppermint essential oil. Dried organic strawberry mint from the Roots + Raven medicine garden.

Peppermint essential oil/wild mint- helps to increase circulation, uplift mood, improve concentration and soothe itchy skin.

Epsom salt- encourages muscle tension relief and is rich in magnesium for mind and body alike. Your skin is thought to absorb magnesium best.

Bath Bomb Ingredients:

Citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, apricot kernel oil, strawberry extract, peppermint essential oil and dried wild mint