Medicine Wheel Sweetgrass Braid Donation Program

Coming soon

Organically grown sweetgrass from the Roots + Raven medicine garden. Grown, tended to and harvested by hand. Harvested with traditional offerings and intention to provide good medicine and uplift the community.

Each braid is carefully molded into a circle and tied with the 4 colors of the medicine wheel. Sweetgrass is a protective and boundary medicine. Helping to bring in that which is good for us and protect us from that which might be considered harmful for us energetically.

There are so many teachings about the medicine wheel. The 4 colors represent 4 directions. East representing the spiritual, South representing the emotional, West representing the physical and North representing the mental - All in relation to us. There is much to be taught from the medicine wheel. I urge you to learn more.

Sweetgrass has a sweet and vanilla-like aroma. She teaches us that we are stronger together than one "strand" alone. We are all interconnected and we never walk alone. When burned in ceremony she provides us her protection and invites in positive energy.

A portion of each sale will be collected and donated to one of our fundraising efforts.

We are currently fundraising for Moontime Sisters Ontario to provide menstrual products to the remote Indigenous communities of Northern Ontario.